Springfield Futbol Club


Competitive soccer was introduced in the area in 2003 as GNAT, after many successful years, the club decided to rebrand ourselves as Springfield Futbol Club to show our commitment to the local area.  Springfield FC, which will now serve over 300 players between the ages of 3 and 14, has licensed and experienced coaches and administrators dedicated to providing a positive soccer program for the children in the area. 

The goals of the soccer club are simple:  to enable children of all ages to play soccer in a safe and positive environment.  We want to develop well-rounded soccer players while teaching respect, humility, integrity, reward through effort, and fair play always.  Springfield FC wants its players to have fun and enjoy this beautiful game.

With the partnership with GTFC, the GTFC Springfield Campus will now serve as our next level of competitive soccer, allowing us to focus on building more rounded soccer players in preparation to move to a more competitive side if they so choose, but in addition, to be sure that every player in our area, no matter how talented he or she may be, will be able to find suitable training and playing opportunities locally.

Springfield FC is proud to be a leader in the soccer scene here in Northwest Ohio as we continue to challenge ourselves to provide for our members and our community.  Springfield FC has a great relationship with Springfield Township and aims to give back to the community through scholarships and area projects.

Our club calls Homecoming Park, in Springfield Township, Ohio, our Home fields.  The club utilizes the park for all of its events, including training, home matches, and most of our SFC  games.

If you'd like to join Springfield Futbol Club, please contact us at info@springfieldfc.club.


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