Springfield Futbol Club



Homecoming park is a beautiful resource not just for SFC, but for the community in general.  The Township has been extremely generous in allowing us to use the park for nearly 30 years.  We need to do our part to make sure that the park remains beautiful and clean for all Township residents, now and into the future.  When at the park, please ensure to:

  • Pick up after yourselves and your guests after games and training sessions.
  • If you see trash lying around, even if it is not yours, please dispose of it in one of the park's trash cans.
  • If you see anyone doing damage to the park or fields, please ask them to stop, and report it to us at info@springfieldfc.club.

Likewise, our soccer-specific equipment is expensive, and without it, there would be no season.  This includes our goals, goal nets, wheels, flags, etc.  Replacing the equipment would require us to raise our player fees to cover the cost.  Along with that, there are safety issues if this equipment is misused.  If you see any of the following, please ask the offending individuals to stop, and report it to us at info@springfield.club.

  • Hanging on or climbing goals or nets.
  • Standing on goal wheels.
  • Damaging/cutting the nets.
  • Rocking the 4v4 goals in the ground.
  • Moving any of the goals, including the 4v4 goals.

Thank you, and we appreciate your help in maintaining our beautiful park, as well as taking care of our equipment.


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