Springfield Futbol Club



Springfield FC is a 100% volunteer-based organization.  We do not have any paid employees working for the Club. We are members of the Springfield Township community, volunteering our time to provide soccer to the children of our community.  However, we are currently just a few, doing the work of many, and we need your help!

We have an ongoing need for individuals to serve on our Board of Directors.  We also have a need for periodic help to kick off and run our league season. Some areas where we need help for the upcoming season include:

  • Laying out and marking fields
  • Putting nets on goals
  • Painting fields weekly
  • Working the SFC garage on game days (uniform sales, set-up, tear-down, concessions)

Without help in these areas, it simply will not be possible to continue to prepare for and run seasons of soccer.  If you can help in any way, please reach out to us at info@springfieldfc.club.

The Springfield FC Board of Directors is the group of individuals tasked with running the day-to-day operations of SFC, as well as making decisions for both the short-term and long-term health of the Club.  Per our bylaws, our Board is to consist of ten members, filling various roles and responsibilities.  Currently, we have four active members, and only two of those have children playing in the Rec Academy. 

With the lack of help, we do the bare minimum we need to do to get a season off the ground and to run it to completion.  However, with a full Board, there is so much more we could do.  Things like hosting a summer soccer camp for the kids in our community, more social media interaction, full concession offerings, and so on. 

We do realize that everyone's time is limited, so positions have been designed to limit the amount of time you spend and any given Board position.  Some positions require an hour of your time a week, while others are just a couple of days each season.

This is not our club - this is your Club.  It is the community's Club.  We need individuals with a direct interest in SFC to step up and have a say in the direction of the Club.  Have a say in how our game days are run, in what our seasons look like, and in what we offer to the kids of our community.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in joining the SFC Board of Directors or would like more information on the Board, please reach out to us at info@springfieldfc.club.  We'd love to discuss any and all possibilities with you or anyone that is interested.


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